Model anatòmic EZ-E210. Oïda humana 3:1 en 4 peces


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Product information "Ear, 3 times life size, 4 parts - EZ Augmented Anatomy"
This model shows the details of the external, middle and inner ear in three times life size. The eardrum with malleus, incus and stapes can be removed. Additional removable part is the cochlea and labyrinth with vestibular and cochlear nerves, one half of the cochlea can be removed. Mounted on baseboard.
Size: 36 x 16 x 20 cm, weight: approx. 1 kg

Augmented- Anatomy- App

The new Augmented Anatomy App in combination with this high quality anatomical model makes learning now even easier and more efficient!
This app automatically recognises our anatomical models and displays the nomenclature in augmented reality. As an Erler Zimmer customer, you can use it completely free of charge and for an unlimited period of time.

- High-quality Augmented Reality learning app
- Free of charge and without registration
- Nomenclature always and everywhere available
- Further online links in the learning lexicon
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